Parapsychology Jobs and You

Skilled and reputed parapsychologists who have made a mark were able to get jobs in Universities or in academics by not mentioning a lot about Parapsychology but by showing their skills in other related fields such as expertise in statistics, cognitive psychology, social psychology, biological psychology or core areas of psychology, merely because parapsychology ski8lls alone cannot be effective in getting jobs at higher level. This applies more to most PHDs and not just to people who study parapsychology.

To obtain experience in Parapsychology is to take an undergraduate degree option. It may well be difficult to have such an option because there are very few universities which teach or provide research in Parapsychology and also no University offers ‘Parapsychology’ as an undergraduate degree as a module within the psychology degree.

Such a phenomenon may seem odd but it makes lot of sense. Many degree mills have sprung up these days which offer variety of courses and claim a past experience of more than thirty years in the paranormal studies. But such University degrees are no accredited and have no standing and do not have a respect in professional community. Since such degrees are not accredited it may well be a waste of time and money.

Ghost hunter certificates program merely have a basic background in paranormal research. These days a number of reputed accredited colleges offer courses and degree programs in studies related to Parapsychology and Paranormal.

Parapsychology degrees are provided under a college or university program that covers related subjects and pave the way for a person desiring to be a Parapsychologist. There are graduate and post graduate courses offered in Parapsychology degrees.

Colleges and Universities offer parapsychology courses but to evade controversies label them with catchy phrases like ‘consciousness’ or ‘Alternative psychology’. These courses offer beliefs and attitude towards psychic phenomenon which includes ghosts, ‘remote viewing’ etc as a part of its studies. Reputed Ivy League colleges such as Harvard College sometimes conduct Parapsychology research but to a limited extent.

At these institutes the same topics such as paranormal studies are taken up but the diploma will look more mainstream. This can be useful in career terms, if one does not find a full time career in paranormal studies.

Parapsychology degrees have acquired great significance even in modern times as vast scope and interest exists in paranormal studies. Phenomenon of ghost studies, Telepathy or Hypnosis have generated immense interest as these fields are unexplored and there are no scientific explanations to back them up, but nevertheless these phenomenon cannot be denied and termed as fantasies.

At some accredited colleges degrees are offered and include credit for life experience. Even one can create one’s own degree at some colleges based on personal life experiences. Such an approach in some colleges and universities is termed as ‘Smorgasbord approach’ meaning thereby look like a meal consisting of a range of savoury items.

Programs wherein ideas are used from a wide range of sources is termed as “Eclectic Programs”. Such programs are unlikely to provide a formal degree in Parapsychology.

Colleges and Universities are very reluctant to offer a formal course in Parapsychology. The fact is that more offbeat your degree appears, the lesser are your chances to be taken seriously.

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